Bitcoin PosPAY

Our Bitcoin PosPAY service allows you to automatically integrate your website, blog, page etc. with an alternative and winning payment gateway, based on the digital currency Bitcoin.

After registering, your shop, your company or yourself as a professional, you can also associate one or more devices (smartphone, tablet or PC) with which you can receive payment.

All you need is an internet connection and the device browser. So there is no need to buy or rent additional hardware. The customer pays in bitcoins and the merchant receives Euros through a transfer, without commissions and without exchange risk. This live payment service is; included in the price of Bitcoin PosPAY (the user can use it independently if he wishes).

Bitcoin PosPAY

No changes in tax management are necessary, because the trader never comes into contact with Bitcoins.

The {projectname} service can be used exclusively and unquestionably only for the countries belonging to the Sepa Area (see the countries of the sepa area ). Accepting Bitcoin payments opens up new business opportunities and being the first to introduce new things to your business has always been very effective in terms of marketing and can only be an excellent advertising vehicle for your company. {projectname} integrates the payment service (gateway) with the {projectname} button for all online sites. After the payment, your control panel will be enabled, within your reserved area, and the management system; You will also receive a confirmation email later.

For all information and details, see the operating and service specifications and prices click here.

Bitcoin PosPAY

Payments from smartphones

Payment button for e-commerce

Security and control over your money

Usable from pc, tablet and smartphone

Immediate payments

No commission for the merchant

Simple and intuitive use