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Bitcoin PosPay including 1 e-commerce/manual terminal with a maximum of 60.000 of available plafond
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EUR 327,00

(VAT excluded)


Software Web-Based Bitcoin PosPay Shop Small "Language EN"

  • - Software Web-Based (usable on all types of devices);
  • - Assistance in English;
  • - Presence on Google Map;
  • - Communication to the community Bitcoin;
  • - Zero commissions per transaction;
  • - Version with credit in Euros to your SEPA current account;

N.B. the Bitcoin PosPAY PROFESSIONAL service has a maximum turnover threshold, so the plan ends either upon reaching the 12-month subscription or upon reaching the maximum turnover transacted corresponding to €60.000.

In the SHOP models (Small/Medium/Large) the window sticker with the logo is included in the price.

  • This product is functional and can only be purchased by companies in the SEPA AREA.
  • You can choose from different button graphic styles for your e-commerce.

Accepting bitcoin payments opens up new business opportunities and being the first to introduce new things to your business has always been very effective in terms of marketing and can also be an excellent advertising vehicle for your company. Bitcoin PosPAY integrates the payment service with the payment button for all online sites. After the payment, your control panel will be enabled, within your reserved area and the management system; you will also receive a confirmation email.

The integration with your e-commerce site is simple and intuitive, but if you prefer we can do it for you. This additional service that can be purchased separately will be carried out by our programmers via remote connection.

For all information and details, see operating and service specifications.

  • Why:

New customer service - Zeroing of commissions on electronic payments - Marketing effect towards the growing Bitcoin community, Companies, Facilitate exports, Lower costs, Speed up transactions, Certainty in payment.

  • How does it work:

Our Bitcoin PosPay service allows you to automatically integrate your website - blog - page etc. with an alternative and winning payment gateway. Furthermore, after registration, the shop, company or professional can also access from one or more devices (smartphone, tablet or PC) with which they can simply receive payment. All you need is an internet connection and the browser on your device. So there is no need to buy or rent additional hardware. The customer pays in bitcoins and the merchant receives euros through a transfer, without commissions and without exchange risk. The Bitcoin PosPAY Manual service (for physical stores) is always included in the Bitcoin PosPAY service, regardless of the type of model purchased.

  • Example:

Bitcoin PosPAY PROFESSIONAL with a duration of 12 months will entitle you to also have the Bitcoin PosPay SHOP for 12 months; if you buy the Bitcoin PosPay VIP you will be entitled to also have the Bitcoin PosPay SHOP for 12 months.

  • Status:

No changes are necessary in the management of taxation, because the merchant never comes into contact with Bitcoins but will receive the collections automatically on a weekly basis on his company bank account in Euro. Our support is able to quickly manage any request for assistance. We are available to help you manage your business characteristics and recommend the best services for you.

  • Collection costs:

Traditional payments by credit card and debit card have costs that are no longer negligible for commercial activities and professionals. Accepting Bitcoin as a payment system eliminates costs and increases guarantees with the certainty of payment.

If you are a company in the SEPA area and your currency is in Euro, the transactions are converted into Euro, eliminating the exchange risk and any accounting difficulties.